Fine Art Fair

since 1977

Antica Namur is back!

Antica Namur, the rendez vous for all Art and Antique lovers that requires no further introduction, will return this autumn from in the Walloon capital.

Once again this year, very special care was devoted to selecting the galleries and antique dealers, amongst whom we can already announce : Bernard de Leye, the Gallery de Potter d´Indoye, La Galerie Belge, La Fondation Albert Vandervelden as well as Jan Muller. All names that attest to the fair´s rise in importance over the course of the successive editions, making it a must meeting place whose fame far surpasses our borders.

From great international houses to young antique dealers and gallery owners, the fair brings together 135 exhibitors, thus offering a wide range of specialties.

Over the years, Antica Namur has built up a reputation for excellence that makes it an imperative rendezvous for all passionate art lovers.


Opening hours



From Saturday 11 to Sunday 19 November 2023

Preview: Thursday  9 November from 2pm to 10pm (upon invitation only)

Vernissage: Friday 10 November from 2pm to 10pm (upon invitation only)

Fair: from 11 until 19 November – week:  1pm – 7pm – week-end: 11am – 7pm


Famarte Asian Art

Stand G-05

Galerie XXL Art & Vintage

Stand D-12

Bernard de Leye

Stand F-18

Artisans-Restaurateurs d’Art


The old Treasury

Anthony Short Antiques

Galerie Humeurs

Galerie Eric Du Maroussem

Stand H-19

Galerie K&G Van de Ven

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